Contract Faculty Day of Action

Mark February 11, 2016 on your calendars. This is the Ontario College/University join Day of Action for Contract Faculty. Sponsored by CAAT-A and OCUFA, this action is to signal to faculty and the employer that the union is interested in the welfare of ALL faculty. It is also significant because it is a joint action […]

Contract Faculty Website Launched

A joint initiative by a number of OPSEU CAAT-A locals, led by Humber College faculty, has taken a stride forward on behalf of contract faculty. A new website focused on the issues faced by non-full-time faculty has been launched to illuminate the realities of contract academic work, and to mobilize contract faculty to organize. Targeted […]

OPSEU launches campaign to organize part-time college support workers

“My message to part-time support workers at our community colleges is simple: look carefully at what we offer — and Sign Up! This time, workers will carry the day. We’re going to win.” — Warren (Smokey) Thomas Toronto (31 Aug. 2015) — On September 1, 2015, Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of OPSEU, will officially launch the campaign to unionize […]

Contract Faculty Struggle to Survive

Many aspects of the positions are simply immoral (in my view), in particular: the exceptionally low pay, lack of access to health insurance, contingent nature of the employment, and lack of opportunity for advancement. The administrations of many universities argue that they can no longer afford to hire most faculty into secure positions and pay […]

Survey Asks for your Input – Deadline April 19

From Richard Dominic Wiggers, PhD, Executive Director, Research and Programs, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO): If you have taught any postsecondary course anywhere in Ontario over the past year as a non-tenured/permanent instructor — at a college or university or even private career college — or if you know anyone — son, daughter, […]

Academia Has to Stop Eating its Young

This article by Showey Yazdanian in The Globe and Mail highlights the volatile nature of contract teaching, and how it affects universities and colleges. Businesses know that relying upon temporary and contract employees for the core functions of their business is a bad idea. Why do educational institutions think it works?

CUPE 3903 Strike and Seneca@York

As you may know, CUPE 3903 – which represents contract faculty and graduate student academic employees at York University – has announced a strike, to commence Tuesday, March 2. This strike action may impact operations at Seneca@York. You’ll recall that members of CUPE 3903 participated in our own information pickets outside Seneca@York in November, supporting […]

Coverage of Adjunct Walkout Day Activities

View this video report from Democracy Now regarding Feb 25, the National Adjunct Walkout Day: The situation is no less dire in Canada where universities and colleges are increasing the use of part time faculty to cover courses that could be taught by full time professors.

National Adjunct Day of Action Feb 25

“Contract academic faculty: I see you” This article in highlights the plight of contract educators. February 25 is National Adjunct Day of Action in universities across North America. Erin Wunker is Chair of the Board of CWILA and a contract academic faculty member at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Top Employer? Uh…no.

In the Dec 8 edition of the Globe and Mail Report on Business, Seneca College is again listed as one of the GTA’s top employers. We find this shocking, especially since Seneca’s attitude toward partial load and part time workers has been so dismissive. It is also insulting to see Seneca trade on the benefits […]